facebook timeline editAlthough Timeline will become mandatory for everyone, the good news is that once it is enabled, you will have seven days to clean up your Timeline before it goes live. We thought it would be helpful to give a few tips to make the most of your transition to Timeline.

  1. Add a cover photo. The cover photo is prominent enough that it is usually the first thing people notice when visiting your profile. Add a picture that represents you, whether it’s of your wedding day, your dog or a relaxing scenic picture from you last vacation.
  2. Fill in events on your Timeline. You are able to fill in as much or as little on your Timeline as you want. If you do choose to fill in important life events, there are many to kinds to choose from. Timeline allows you to add Work and Education, Family and Relationships, Milestones and Experiences, Vacations as well as many others. Keep in mind that events automatically default to public view, so if you only want them visible to your friends make sure you adjust the settings.
  3. Hide unwanted past content. We all  have a few embarrassing posts and pictures from the past. If you are fearful about the oversharing aspect of Timeline, there are steps you can take to avoid any potential blunders. Simply go through your Activity Log or a specific month/year and hide or delete the posts. Below is an image of the icon you click on in order to take these actions.

We are still waiting to see if brand pages will get the new Timeline treatment, and if so it would be a great way to showcase products and other aspects of your local business through the prominence of pictures on the main page.

Have you switched over to Timeline yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!